Take a Hike

Palouse Falls

Being a young adult is statistically one of the highest times of stress in a person’s life. Crazy right? Bottom line, is that this is the point in life in which we are forced to come face to face with reality. And guess what, reality is a bitch. So when you’re feeling like the world has nothing left to offer you and you’re ready to throw in the towel take a deep breath, because mother nature is always there to catch you when you fall. Well, not literally because if I am being completely honest I almost died a few times on this hike and mother nature was not there to hold my hand. All jokes aside studies actually show that people who hike are not only happier but also live longer lives. Not to mention you get pretty rad pics for insta… if you’re into that kind of thing.

So pack your backpack, LET’S GO, jump in, you can lead the way! (random Dora the Explorer reference)

But in all actuality, take a hike, and you can thank me later.

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