Unintentionally Fitting

So… I suck. It is true. I do this every time, I blog for a few weeks and then I am gone. Poof! Just like that. Who knew when I made this blog and Titled it “Mads Here & There” it would be ultimately be referring to my sporadic posts. The reality is that school is kicking my butt and I am lazy. But the New year has set me up with a new level of motivation. I will be 22 years old this year and it is kind of crazy to think about. So I thought I would share some of my New Years goals so that maybe the internet would hold me accountable.

My 2018 Goals:

  • Do more yoga & meditation! This one is more for my mental well-being. School, work, and just life in general get so hectic that it is so important to take time for yourself to just breathe.
  • Get better grades! As of now I am in that rut where the bare minimum feels sufficient, and though it is, I should expect more of myself! So this quarter I plan to get a 3.8, we’ll see how that goes… I’m the least confident about this one.
  • And finally, I plan to take a volunteer trip with my wonderful boyfriend to Madagascar! I love working with kids as you know if you’ve read my posts (I’m a nanny), so teaching English to Malagasy children sounds like a no brainer! Also its Madagascar…. so let’s be real.

Well guys thank you so much for reading and I hope to deliver some great resolution results! If you are interested in helping me achieve my goals please visit my Go Fund Me page! Help me go to Madagascar

See you soon!

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