What I’ve learned during my absence 

So it’s no secret that I’ve been failing to post. I am notorious for going through stages… I’m all gung-ho about blogging and then my attention is drawn elsewhere.

I originally created this blog to have an outlet and share my life experiences and I realized recently that I have a few tips and tricks I’d like to share! So let’s call this little segment “How to survive the financial struggles of being an almost adult”. If I was official I might capitalize that title but who has time for that?

I understand that this may not pertain to everyone but hopefully it helps some of you. As a college student and a 21 year old “almost adult” I find myself being quite indecisive with a big side of anxiousness! I don’t think it’s uncommon to be in college pursuing a degree yet having no idea what you plan to do with said degree. My biggest contributor to my anxiety these days is money. Something I’m sure all college students and just about every human on this planet can relate to on some level.

So let’s get to the good stuff!

My most important tip is get a job and if that job doesn’t give you the pay you need or want, get another job. Many people look at me with wide eyed confusion when I tell them I am 21, pay my own bills, work two jobs, and am a full time student. So what is my secret? Like 5 different planners and a sh*t ton of coffee. I’m kidding in a sense but those definitely help!

I’m a Poor College Student

Here’s the deal; I am finishing my degree online. I attended my university on campus for two years but work in a small college town is scarce and I like to do things. So I moved back to my home town and transferred to the online program. I’m not going to tell you online learning is easier because it’s not but it is definitely more convenient. The only reason I am able to work 8-10 hours a day is because of the flexibility of my education. Online learning also permits travel! In a month or so I will be posting about an upcoming trip that I will soon embark on.

WAIT! Mads…. you’re on the quarter system, won’t you have midterms in a month?

Why yes I will! But guess what, most places in the world have the internet!


So what do I do for work? I feel like for my age I have had quite a bit of work experience which is great but I also found some areas of work I will never revisit. Currently I work primarily as a nanny. I am a part-time nanny so I only get about 20 hours a week. My schedule, like most nanny positions, allows me to work in the morning before school and in the afternoon after school . This schedule allows me to have free time in the middle of the day, which leads me to my second job! I work in a wonderful restaurant typically during the lunch shift so I can be off in time to get the kiddos! I’m off at 5pm everyday and have weekends off! This allows plenty of time for my studies and lots of love for my bank account!

Travel and Play

If you’re like me and you ball on a budget, please please go download the skyscanner app!! You can find insanely cheap flights and with quality airlines. I live by this app and it has allowed majority of my little adventures! In addition to skyscanner, Norwegian Air has amazing deals for those looking to go to europe! Why wait if a round trip ticket is under $400 usd!? That’s right! UNDER $400!!! It’s actually insane.

Well guys thank you for reading as always and happy traveling! xoxo

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