My Prep for Teaching Abroad

Hi there! It’s either a miracle or pure self control taking a hold of me because I’m feeling motivated to actually blog consistently… so buckle up cause it’s gonna be a wild ride!

In my previous post “Unintentionally Fitting“, I gave a short list of things I wanted to do this year to better myself. Some New Year’s resolutions if you will. One of those things was teaching English abroad for a month! I chose a volunteer program that has different projects all over the world, including some very very unique options! I myself have chosen to go to Madagascar. I chose Madagascar because I just don’t know that I’ll ever have this opportunity again and also Madagascar is crazy beautiful! It is also a place that not many volunteers chose because it’s so out of the way and little people even know you can go there.

So once I knew this is what I wanted to do I thought it would be nice to start preparing! As you know if you read my blog, I am a nanny so I feel confident in my ability to work with kids. If teaching English abroad is something you’re considering, I highly recommend volunteering at your local schools, Ymca, or boys and girls club! As much as I love to volunteer, I am already planning on paying upwards of $2000 in order to volunteer in Madagascar, so I was in need of a more bank account friendly option.

I have been fortunate enough to get a substitute teaching position in my local school district. I personally chose to be a special education sub because I just feel like not enough people are willing to work with special needs children and I have experience so I know I love to do it! Finding a substitute teaching position is great because it allows you to work when you can/want for a very competitive rate. Some districts start you at minimum wage for your first 30 days then you automatically get bumped up to about $15 an hour. At least that’s the protocol for my district. I DO NOT have my degree yet so this is totally something anyone with a passion for children and no criminal background can do! It is an awesome option for me because I will be gaining experience while saving every penny I make through this particular job for my travels. Also it is never a bad thing to have something like this on a resume, it shows you have patience, compassion, and high quality work skills!

In addition to helping me along with my savings; a job like this can kick start the ability for me to be compensated for teaching abroad. While most countries prefer you have a “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” certification, not all countries require it. And in order to stand out, experience in your local schools is a huge plus!

Thank you for reading! Please leave comments about what you’d like to read about next… xoxo

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