Global Volunteer- What is Travel Insurance?

In my last post “Where In the World Should I Volunteer?” , I gave you all a bit of a tease. This is not the post in which I will relinquish the location info for my upcoming trip. But, I do wanna talk about a very important factor. Welcome to Global Volunteer TRAVEL INSURANCE edition.

What is travel insurance?

If you thought travel insurance was some weird arbitrary fee you pay when you get your plan ticket so you can cancel it just in case, you’re not necessarily wrong. However, that is not the topic of today’s post. Today we are talking about the type of travel insurance that can save you in a pickle.

Travel insurance is a basic plan you can get online to cover any emergency medical expenses you might have while abroad. NOTE: This is not a method for long-term medical coverage. 

Most travel insurance plans Cost about $150 or less (for 1 month) for healthy young folk and cover you for up to $1 million dollars worth of expenses. This price is of course contingent on your age, destination, and duration of travel.

Do I need travel insurance?

As a young person I know how hard it is to be practical and safe in every activity. Especially when you are in an epic location. Travel insurance is a MUST if you plan on going anywhere for more than two weeks.

Even if you plan on being somewhere for two weeks or less, I highly recommend a travel plan. If you think you’ll be partaking in anything that could be considered dangerous…. including eating spicy foods, having travel insurance could be handy.

Obviously, if you plan to volunteer, as I am, travel insurance is a no brainer. When you give up the modern amenities like an actual building to sleep in, insurance suddenly becomes your best friend.

Let’s not forget that the world has lots of scary germs and viruses that not everyone is vaccinated against. Just having to be airlifted because of a potential exposure to rabies can cost up to $200,000 dollars without insurance. Yikes…

Where can I get travel insurance??

Like many things, the answer to this question is the internet! I have taken the liberty of narrowing down the search for you. I have personally used the first company listed and extensively read through the reviews of the others. Disclaimer: All of these travel insurance companies service United States citizens only. 

Now that you’re insured, let’s go wild.

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