Global Volunteer- Understanding Travel Vaccinations

Hello there fellow wanderers! For today’s Global Volunteer post I want to talk about travel vaccinations. This topic is HUGE for anyone traveling to a developing or third-world country that is NOT from a similar area!

I don’t know if maybe I am just a little ignorant or my procrastination set in ( probably both… let’s be real) but, I waited until the absolute last minute to work on sorting out all my vaccinations. Luckily for me, I made my appointments just in the nick of time.

Once again, you get a little tease because I am going to list a few vaccines I had to get, which might narrow down for you guys where I will be going. Mainly I want to share specific vaccines so you all understand the time parameters and constraints that these must be taken in.

Do I need travel vaccines?

If you are going to an under-developed country, the answer is YES. If you plan on bathing in, drinking, or swimming in any body of fresh water in a developing or semi-developed country, the answer is YES. If you are volunteering and will have contact with humans, animals, dirt, or plant matter, in a developing country the answer is YES.

If you are unsure I highly recommend calling your doctor or research Traveler’s Clinics in your area. Ask them what they think.

If you’re looking for more in depth info I recommend checking out this government website on the matter; Vaccines For Travelers

Why you need to think about vaccines sooner rather than later…

I waited until a little less than a month and a half before my departure date to set up an appointment with my local Traveler’s Clinic. This gave me a bit of a scare because I learned during my appointment that I almost missed the window for getting a couple of the vaccines.

To list a few; I had to get Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid vaccines. The Typhoid cycle of pills has to be completed before departure and the Japanese Encephalitis must be given in two rounds that are 3 weeks apart. So basically, I am cutting it real close on the JE vaccine.

I highly recommend making an appointment with your doctor the SECOND you purchase flights. I promise you will receive very useful information on health precautions you should take and things you should avoid while on your trip. While you can get some pretty awesome meds and vaccines to protect your body, they can’t protect you from everything. So knowledge is key.

How much do Travel vaccinations cost? 

Travel vaccination costs vary based on your insurance coverage. My current insurance is pretty darn good and so is my boyfriend’s, so we did not have to pay much out of pocket for our vaccines. I would plan on spending anywhere from $150 to maybe a couple thousand dollars depending on what vaccines you need and your medical coverage.

I hope this helped! Stay safe out there and feel free to comment, it helps me develop content you guys want in the future!

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