A Seattle Stand Up Paddle

Welcome to my Lifestyle Page. This page won’t really contain any traveling tips or anything like that. I really want to use this page to share about my life. Not only the exciting stuff but maybe the more challenging stuff as well.

I hope to make a post about Brady and I’s home and our little kitty soon. But for now I wanna talk about how we try to deal with those stressful moments life loves to throw at you.

This past week has been really rough for Brady and I. We had some family emergencies in addition to the stress of work and planning the last bits of our upcoming trip.

In times of stress I always feel so lucky and thankful to live where we do.

Brady and I have a little place by the sea that we pay minimal rent for so that we have extra money to travel.

Originally, I chose the place for budget reasons but as time goes on I realize that it would take a pretty cool house to get me to leave the location! Obviously I am not going to disclose where exactly I live but I do live in Western Washington which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Brady is huge in to water sports, he is actually a really good windsurfer (for those of you that even know what is). Because Brady is so good at water sports, he naturally has all this awesome gear, and living on the water makes it pretty convenient to utilize.

Stand Up Paddling or SUPing, got pretty big here in the PNW about 10 years ago I think. Brady’s family were pioneers of the paddle boarding game for sure where we live. They saw it in Hawaii for the first time.

I am pretty sure when they started paddling, people were super confused as to what they were doing. Now, it is a full on lifestyle for people here in the Pacific Northwest.

As a dancer and someone who loves yoga, I find that stand paddling allows me to use the skills I already have and apply them to a pretty cool backyard adventure. I am by no means an avid paddler and honestly I am not very good, but its all about having fun and being outside.

Something about being on the water and taking in the INSANE view we have from our home, makes me feel so at ease. The fresh air alone helps me calm down in times of stress and allows me to tune into the big picture.

I think it is really easy for people to allow them selves to spin out of control in times of stress. Finding something that allows you to release that is so important.

I mentioned in my “Take A Hike” post that statistically speaking, your early twenties tend to be some of the most stressful years in a person’s life.

When you think about all the things you have to figure out at this point in life it is kinda scary.

Everyone wants to know what you are gonna do with your life, how you plan on meeting that goal, how you plan on paying for it, and where you plan to work and live until then. It is making my head spin just typing this…

Obviously, for me traveling is my favorite thing to do. But, travel isn’t always feasible. Either I don’t always have the money or I just can’t get the time off work.

That’s why I try to go on mini adventures.

I am not saying go out and buy a paddle board and find a body of water to put it in. But, I am saying find something that allows you to breathe, take the edge off, and remember to take a step back and see things as a big picture. Life is too short to get your panties in a bunch over the little things.

So I encourage you to embrace your inner child and go play outside. I hope everyone has a good Monday!

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